Beer Creative 

College of Fermentation

A Wordplay venture
Brand & company design


Knowledge through creativity

Beer Creative is a collective brewing company, which operates under an iterative, rapid prototyping and design thinking methodology. Members unite as a collective of home brewers as the 'Faculty' of Beer Creative - The College of Fermentation - to create unique small batch creations, which are quality controlled, critiques and adjusted as needed. Part of the global craft beer revolution, the group not only produces quality craft beers but provides resources, inspiration and skill sharing to others who are passionate about beer through training and education. 


The home of beer

Beer Creative is a Wordplay initiative and the first in a series of companies we plan to integrate with the studio. First started as a blog back in 2011 when we were at design college, today Beer Creative is a beer company with a range of products. 

In developing the brand, we wanted to merge design thinking with lean start-up methodology. The result is the bespoke "house" icon, with beer bottle doorway and a touch of creativity in the chimney - which is the paintbrush from the Workshop Aus logo, the space where Beer Creative ran its first learn-to-brew workshops many years ago. 

BeerCreative_IMG_1085_v2 copy.png