Brand elements

We develop visual and experiential branding to bring alive the essence of your “Why” and the emotional connection your brand creates. More than logo, type, colours and slogans, we develop custom solutions to enable your purpose, brand and personality to shine through all touch points.


Brand services

Brand strategy

We begin our branding process with a full audit and multiple strategy sessions. We facilitate a full day Co-Design workshop with your organisation to take, what we call a brand ‘DNA sample’. From this sample paired with the input of your purpose, mission and vision we are able to craft a brand strategy that communicates the truth, intent and personality of your organisation.

Visual identity

Once we have collected a brand DNA sample we are able to craft a purposeful branded identity system for your organisation. This includes logotype, mark, typography, secondary elements and colour pallette. Our process involves multiple feedback rounds and design reviews with your team.

Additional Brand Assets

From an identity system we can further develop the brand to include other purpose based elements that your organisation may require. This may include things such as photography, iconography, illustration, motion graphics and repeat patterns to name a few.

Brand Guidelines

We create a comprehensive guide to working with your new purpose driven brand. This guide serves as a design resource which includes specifications around how to apply the brand elements. The guide has detailed specifications around sizing, colour, spacing and usage. This ensures you maintain consistency of the brand across all touchpoints and future applications.

We believe that our new look, brought to life by Wordplay Studio, truly reflects the values that have been at the core of our business since we began. The focus on the stories of our customers and Crew members demonstrate our people-centric company culture.
— Stacey Jacobs, Founder - TidyMe

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