Tomorrow's change makers

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Tomorrow's change makers

We first began working with Code Camp co-founders Ben and Pete and their team in early 2017, starting with a strategic review of their existing branding. Code Camp had experienced some incredible success since first launching in 2013, rapidly growing to over 22,000 kids attending camps across 92 sites. The company had also expanded to 28 full-time and 1,000 part-time team members across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra.

Through our initial discovery process, it became apparent that the organisation needed to do more than just codify a brand style guide, but to go back to the core of why they exist to gain internal alignment, strengthen organisational culture and ultimately evolve their brand.



Our co-design workshop facilitates leadership and company-wide conversations that generate invaluable insights informing the creation of truly meaningful brands.From this process, we sharpen our client’s core purpose together with company values, which then become the strategic drivers of every business decision, as well as the basis of all design applications.

What clearly emerged for Code Camp was that their organisation isn’t just about teaching coding, it’s about giving kids the tools they need to be masters of creation.From this we redefined their core purpose – “We exist so you can create anything you can imagine” – and set out to reflect this by delivering a dynamic identity which was limitless to the imagination.




Brand Evolution

There are always challenges in evolving an established brand, particularly one that kids already recognise. While the discovery process revealed new design principles, we also knew we needed to create something that was an evolution of the brand identity rather than an entirely new concept. 

Our vision was to evolve the brand in a way that reflected the limitless worlds the kids were learning to code in the camp trainings. With this insight, we evolved the existing generic infinity symbol logo into an adaptive brand device that morphs and changes to represent these different worlds.

We also developed custom iconography for each of the four camp levels – Little League, Spark, Ignite and Blast – to help distinguish the different phases of kids’ engagement with the brand. This bold use of colour allows the playful brand to shine through in different applications across both digital and offline.


Digital Design

Building upon the foundations from the old website we looked to freshen up the digital experience with a vibrant, fun approach. Other areas we built out were the different camp pages, providing more needed information that instilled trust and confidence in the service.



170811C_CodeCamp_Westfield_BJ_Renders - Stage 4 - 2.jpg
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170811C_CodeCamp_Westfield_BJ_Renders - V1.8.jpg
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