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Uniting the World Through Pure Food

Since 1974 Food For Life Global (FFLG) has served over 4 billion free plant-based meals to malnourished and disaster-ravaged communities through distribution in schools, orphanages, shelters and community centers, making FFLG the largest non-for-profit vegan food relief initiative in the world.


210 projects
in 60 countries around the world

With more than four decades of steadily growing from humble beginnings in India to more than 60 countries around the world through largely in-kind support and a vast volunteer workforce, FFLG required a new brand identity to elevate its purpose in the hearts and minds of partners, donors and food relief sector affiliates.

With the United Nations and international experts now calling for a global shift from one-time interventions in disaster and hunger relief, to a more pragmatic approach centred on populations’ resilience, risk mitigation and management, the new brand strategy also supports FFLG’s innovative plans to extend its service model into mobile disaster relief kitchens.

These mobile kitchens will also provide community education on plant-based foods, nutrition, and environmental protection in schools and colleges.


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Symbol of equality

Our insight was the spiritual hospitality of the Hare Krishna community, developing a unique brand symbol in the shape of a Tilaka - a clay mark worn on the forehead of a servant of Krishna.

This symbol can also be presented in other powerfully symbolic ways: a bowl with food, a person rejoicing, and mother’s breast - your first food.

To extend the brand voice we created a colour palette inspired by the warm earthy colours of the Hare Krishna garments, contrasted with the bright colours eye-dropped from Indian dies.

These colours and typography are used to tell a story of an organisation with sacred origins making the world a better place through extreme generosity and human spirit.

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