Why We Exist

To the Beat, Accadde A Bali, Arawack

Wordplay is here to turn up the heat.
The fire is burning, let's get off our seats.
The flame has been passed from those of the past.
This time around this movement will last.

It is now our turn to carry the flame,
If we choose not there is no one to blame.
It’s up to us to create change in the world,
We each hold a pen with stories to be told.

There’s no going back to bricks and the mortar,
It’s now about silicon, the earth and the water.
We’ve moved from the age where industrialists thrived,
It's a new revolution of knowledge and tribes.

We live in a time more connected than ever,
Where power dilutes by those daring and clever.
Let’s turn this ship round’ on it’s uneven keel,
Let’s shake off the past, lose the mask and be real.

We work with the passionate and drivers of change,
We work with the quirky, the weirdos and strange.

We believe in the mantra that Everything Speaks,
Even the most tiny and miniature tweaks.
Drafting to crafting and creating solutions.
That’s the kind of thing that starts revolutions.