Living Our Values


Living Our Values

As a company that believes in living by your purpose and values we took the leap of faith towards this vision. Committing to one year of living together as co-founders to get to know each other on a deeper level and live Wordplays company values. We figure that if we could survive a year living together as co-founders then chances are we would have more success as we grow as an organisation and take on more responsibility. So here we are in 2017 living our values as flatmates in a sharehouse and facing the general challenges of running a household while together trying to start a successful business.


Our Team

Wordplay was founded with the belief that design has the power to create a better world. We have fun playing with problems to create beautiful custom solutions for the digital age. 


Rix Lee


Tom Horne


Our Values


Love to Learn

Knowledge first. More than having the answers, it's about asking the right questions. We're ever thirsty for expanding our minds, growing the collective wisdom of our team and sharing this with the wider Wordplay Field.

Be Real

Authentic and mindful presence guides all of our relationships and communication. Speak truth but do it consciously and from the heart. 


We see other people as deserving to be treated with respect and courtesy. Always. In the end, only kindness matters.  


Everything Speaks

We apply this mantra across the board. From the way we design and care for our clients' brands, to our choice of mindful language and our own 'personal brand' of the Wordplay team. Everything is designed with purpose and meaning, to accentuate the truth and potential in all that we do.

No Half Asana

Whether it's on the matt or in the design studio, we realise everything we do to the fullest potential. That means we squeeze every last drop from every experience and piece of work that we deliver.

Play Together Stay Together

Our company was founded by best friends and built on a culture of raw, honest friendship. We like spending time together and love to work with people we can share a beer with.


Give More Than You Take

Every decision we make aims to contribute to the future of the world and those around us. We live our lives with awareness of all beings, our surroundings and consider this in all that we do. This ranges from purchasing decisions we make on behalf of clients, and to all the work we take on. We want to leave Mother Earth in a better state than we found her. 

Growth in All Things

Much like the lobster who sheds and renews its rigid shell many times in a lifetime, we relish in growing through the complexity and vulnerability of change, in order to thrive as individuals and as a team. This loveable crustacean is our totem for growth. 

Be Impeccable with Your Word

We say what we mean and we mean what we say. What's more, we make it happen. This comes down to delivering projects on time and on budget, taking rapid and mindful action on our commitments. 


Play for The Name on The Front of The Jersey

We embrace the values of each of our clients. The betterment of our collective team comes first. We make decisions that will drive us all forward, with a general attitude that the whole is more important than each part.

"Anything Possible"

If you ever travel to India you'll be sure to come across this saying: "Anything (is) possible". We don't see barriers, only obstacles to overcome. And we're always looking ahead to the horizon to anticipate changes in the field. 


Health First

We need you! Health is the most valuable thing that you have. We can't save the world if we don't look after ourselves mind, body and soul, taking time out to do the things we love the most that contribute to our health and wellbeing.


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