Cape York Agenda 2.0 

Pama Futures


Identity, graphic facilitation, iconography, print design

Client: Two Collaborate, Cape York Land Council


800 Traditional Owners
15 Communities
30 Languages

In late 2017 we had the opportunity to work as part of the facilitation team for Cape York Agenda 2.0. This forum was attended by local indigenous communities from the Cape York region. This forum allowed for a continued discussion around land rights, empowerment and economic development. 

Our contribution to the team lead by Two Collaborate was the branded identity and graphic recording for the duration of the event. The identity represents a campfire conversation and coming together of different communities. The symbol was created using the indigenous symbol of the campfire and colours of the Aborigonal and Torres Straight islander flags. As is the nature of these events, the brand was put together in a matter of hours and evolved through the environment through the course of the event.  The brand filled the environment over the 2 weeks through the application of colour, graphic scribes and hand drawn banners and artworks in representation of each community which participated in these important campfire discussions. Due to the remoteness and sparse distance between these communities these discussions are rare and extremely valuable. This forum allowed for a collective input and empowerment of indigenous communities and leaders to form detailed plans and partnerships. 

In addition we graphically captured the essence of conversations during the event in scribes and designed communication artefacts which travelled to remote communities around the Cape.



Pama Futures
Ministerial Submission Document

Pama Futures is a single cohesive reform agenda incorporating Land Rights, Empowerment and Economic Development for the people of Cape York, by the people of Cape York. Pama Futures represents the best chance we have to close the gap on Indigenous disparity in the region. It represents the distillation of everything the Cape York people have argued for almost two decades.

We created the Ministerial Submission document for Pama Futures. This included the typesetting, iconography and strategic modelling. This was created on a tight turnaround with the majority of time spent on a Pro Bono basis. This document included 21 hand drawn info graphics and 130 pages in length. 


"We want to use our land to pursue social and economic development for our people"

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