Wordplay Radio

Since beginning Wordplay in 2015, we've documented the trials and tribulations of starting a design company in the 21st Century. Wordplay Radio is the medium of which we tell our story, share our experiences and expose what's really going on behind the scenes.


Episode 1 - Coming Soon

This episode covers the process of starting a Design Studio from scratch in the 21st century. Before you commit, things seem easy, fine and dandy, how hard could it be… right?

But once the wheels start moving and short term challenges become apparent, suddenly the reason why you started in the first place starts to fade a little.

Over the last six months we’ve taken two sabbaticals to get out of the studio and spending time together focussing on Wordplay strategy, our vision and our purpose. This episode explores the behind-the-scenes stories of the Wordplay Studio start-up.