Time to be you

Brand evolution, brand story & digital design


Finding purpose

When Stacey came to us with her design problem of rebranding TidyMe we took the opportunity to not only create a beautiful visual brand but to go deeper and revisit the journey of the company’s purpose and vision for the future.

After running an intensive co-design workshop with Stacey and her team we uncovered an interesting truth. Cleaning wasn’t really what TidyMe was about. The real truth was that it was in the business of creating more ‘time to be you’.

This truth became the core that underpinned the development of the brand identity.

A little bit of magic

Taking inspiration from the 1950’s, we took a tongue in cheek approach to creating TidyMe’s new brand. We reviewed laundry packaging from the era, as well as shows like Bewitched and I Dream of Genie to source the quirk and imagery.

The TidyMe sparkle feature in the logo is representative of the relationship between Crew member and customer and the freedom that they each provide for each other. We worked with film maker Kate Halpin to create a series of imagery and a branded video that brought TidyMe’s shiny new image to life.

TidyMe is an online platform matching people with cleaners. TidyMe had it’s early beginnings at a desk in a local Sydney startup co-working space. Here Founder Stacey Jacobs had a vision to make TidyMe the ‘Uber of Cleaning’.

Their philosophy, ‘Time to be you’, is about providing more freedom for both the customer and the TidyMe Krew to have more time to do the things they love. TidyMe empowers its Krew to be masters of their own time by creating an opportunity to have flexible working hours. TidyMe also has an eco-friendly heart through partnership with Method Cleaning Products, leaving every home not only sparkling but smelling fresh and chemical free.



We believe that our new look, brought to life by Wordplay Studio, truly reflects the values that have been at the core of our business since we began in 2014. The focus on the stories of our customers and Crew members demonstrate our people-centric company culture. We are deeply invested in and value our relationships with our customers, who rely on our service, and our Crew members, who are the face (and heart) of TidyMe.
— Stacey Jacobs, Founder - TidyMe