UNSW Uni-Verse 

Mobile App

Co-design workshop, UX design, & interface design


Reimagining the university experience for both staff and student. How can a mobile experience be used to enhance the engagement and day to day interaction within a university ecosystem?

As UNSW moves towards delivering on it’s bold 2025 strategy many initiatives are underway with the emphasis on enhancing the university experience. One such project was the UniVerse Application, an initiative of ‘World Class Environments’.

Our team was set with the challenge with the challenge of working within a preexisting framework and UNSW IT Architecture. Working within these constraints we pushed the design of the MVP as a proof of concept for further development in custom design and a more in depth UX Process. Working in sprints we delivered an MVP which launched on student O-Week.



Co-Design of Staff Application

Our process involved designing and and facilitating a half day work shop inputting artefacts gathered from UX Research gathered. The workshop participants represented the stakeholder group for the staff appliaction. Our design of this UX workshop allowed for key pain points to be revealed for consideration in design phases.

These Features Included:

Staff Finder: A linkedin type search for staff member profiles including contact information, location and department.

Room Explorer: An AirBnB type search and booking feature for rooms, availability and equipment.  

My Admin: HR, Finance and Online Forms

For the student side of this application we were able to leverage our previous work on UNSW ACIS and UNSW Student Handbook.

This enabled us to bring across the capability to search course timetables, student events and campus way finding.