Urban Legends 

Experience Sydney as a local

Name creation, brand identity & digital design


We're changing the status quo of what tourism is and can be.

Urban Legends Tour Co is a Sydney-based tourism start-up taking a very personal approach to urban exploring. It’s the opportunity to experience authentic Sydney as a local, guided by a charismatic founder through the urban sprawl and late night hot spots. Their tours are designed to showcase the best parks, views, sites and experiences Sydney has to offer, while revealing a few hidden gems along the way.

When Founder Jarod Malcolm came to us with his vision and passion we were eager to get on board - pun intended! His love of people, the city of Sydney and travel were infectious. Our first step was finding the right name to bring the concept to life, something that would say “Hey, we are a sweet Aussie travel co that helps you see the city through the eyes of a local.”


The Brand

After many hours of workshopping, Urban Legends was born. This double entendre gives a nod to the ‘urban’ Sydney environment, as the tours head to the streets outside of the traditional tourist routes. While ‘legends’ is classic Aussie slang for an awesome person and also refers to a story or a tale - the true embodiment of Founder Jared and the storytelling vibe of his tours.

Once we had the name, we began experimentations with type pieces sourcing inspiration from Sydney’s surf and cafe culture to develop custom iconography that would also allow for expansion into other cities and urban experiences. These brand icons allow for layering of different locations and a variation of tours.